This historic block was the wholesale district in the 1800s. Eli and Aaron’s great-grandfather, W.M. Karesh, a Jewish immigrant from eastern Europe, started Southern Wholesale in this location in 1890. This became one of our first distributors of Union & Hanes underwear in the Southeast. Wolf Maier Karesh’s son-in-law, Herman Hyman, took over the business in 1924, changing the name to Hyman’s Wholesale Company. He then passed the business down to the third generation, to Wolf Maier Hyman, who continued on with the wholesale dry goods business until 1986. (He presently lives on the 3rd floor) At that time the Omni hotel was under construction and the City condemned the back 280 feet of these warehouses to make room for a parking garage. The floors are heart pine and the bricks are Old English, with the original Oyster mortar. The wrought iron stair case was built in Kenton, Ohio in 1887 and shipped to Charleston upon construction of this building. The two brothers, Eli and Aaron Hyman, the great grandsons, changed the name from Hyman’s Wholesale to Hyman’s Seafood and Aaron’s Deli in 1986, and are now operating Hyman’s Seafood and Aaron’s Deli in these same locations. Brad, Aaron’s son-in-law (5th generation) is Eli’s operating partner today. There has been 118 years of customer service in these buildings and they are proud of it. If you happen to see Eli, Brad, Mother Phyllis, Tim, Laurie or Rusty tell them hello. For those who are curious, we employ between 160-190 GREAT people! We are now serving Glatt Kosher Meals prepared by the Chabad House of Charleston.

Our House Rules:
Rule #1 – The customer is always right.
Rule #2 – When in doubt, refer back to Rule #1.
P.S. We, or any restaurant for that matter, are only as good as the last meal we serve. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, If you like us, tell others. If you don’t, tell us!!

The staff



The daily running of the business is something that Eli enjoys. He likes talking to new & old patrons, learning new things from them as well as “educating” about Charleston and it’s history. Many of the loyal “Raving Fans” have moved on to become close friends of Eli’s. Eli loves to teach his staff the importance of positive attitude and hard work and how it can & will alter our lives for the better. He takes this “mission” in life very seriously.

Brad Gena

Owner/ Operating Partner

Brad started at Hyman's in 1999. He is Aaron's son-in-law and became operating partner with Eli in 2006. There has been 118 years of customer service in these buildings and they are proud of it.

Chad Walker

General Manager

Chad started his career in restaurant industry in 1991 at age of 16 working for Olive Garden as a line cook. Chad relocated to Charleston in 2012 as a director of operations responsible Darden Corporation and was responsible for restaurants from Myrtle Beach to Savannah GA. Chad joined the team at hymans seafood in 2014.

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We are hiring

If you have a great attitude, please apply!